Drop Dropbox and Pick up Sales with SecuriSync®


Date: Wed, January 14th, 2015
Time: 2:00 PM EST

Learn how to grow your business by dropping Dropbox and reselling SecuriSync, our easy-to-use, enterprise-grade file sync and share service. SecuriSync helps your customers improve their collaboration and mobility - while keeping their data secure. For private label partners, SecuriSync is the only grey-labelled file sync and share service available, allowing you to own the entire customer experience, including billing, bundling, and support.

Join this webinar to learn about SecuriSync and its many business-grade features, the file sync and share opportunity, and how you can use SecuriSync to increase your revenue and strengthen your customers’ loyalty. Don’t forget to take advantage of our Not-For-Resale program and receive 200GB of FREE SecuriSync storage per user for your business!

  • File sharing overview - Review the current file sharing marketplace and challenges facing businesses
  • SecuriSync overview - Learn about the features and benefits of a true enterprise-grade file sync and share tool
  • Live demo - Pricing and margin story
  • SecuriSync vs Dropbox - We will show you how SecuriSync stacks up against Dropbox and the competition
  • Getting started - Get the resources and information you need to start growing your business today
  • Q&A

Bojan Dusevic, Director of Product Management
Josh Topal, Manager of Product Marketing