Moving to the Cloud with Private Cloud

Date: Thursday, April 30th, 2015
Time: 10 am PT (1 pm ET)
pm PT)

Guest Speaker - Owen Rogers, Senior Analyst, Digital Economics, 451 Research

Owen Rogers helps enterprises understand the economics behind digital and cloud technology so they can make informed choices when evaluating and pricing out their own products and services, as well as those from their vendors, suppliers and competitors.

451 Research is a preeminent information technology research and advisory company with a core focus on technology innovation and market disruption.

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What you will learn:

• The key dynamics driving enterprises to adopt cloud computing

• Benefits and trade-offs of the managed private cloud model

• How to deploy consumer and enterprise applications in a private cloud

• How a correctly designed and sized private cloud can provide cost and feature benefits

The Cloud Model Choice: A Crucial Strategic Decision for Enterprises Moving to the Cloud.

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