Are YOU the next victim of Ransomware?


Are YOU the next victim of Ransomware?

Heard of ransomware? Numerous tech publications have listed it among the biggest digital threats facing businesses today. It takes down businesses of all sizes down for days at a time.


But paying the ransom is the least of your worries. According to an Intermedia survey, the real threat is user downtime, which leads to lost sales and bad PR:


  • 75% of outbreaks affected 3 or more people
  • 82% of victims lost access to data for at least 2 days
  • 19% of companies that paid the ransom still didn’t get their files back


SecuriSync from Intermedia provides 2-in-1 file backup and sharing with point-in-time file restoration lets you quickly and easily restore files to the moment right before they became encrypted.


A live webinar you can’t miss!


Join a panel led by Intermedia’s VP of Security and Privacy to discuss ransomware’s threats for businesses like yours. We’ll cover:


  • The risks ransomware outbreaks present to YOUR business
  • Ransomware prevention and containment tips
  • How SecuriSync instant point-in-time rollback features let you keep users up-and-running even if their PCs get infected by ransomware
  • Other use-cases for SecuriSync, Intermedia’s 2-in-1 backup and file sharing service
  • And much more



  • Ryan Barrett – Vice President of Security and Privacy
  • Bojan Dusevic – Sr. Director of Product


Date: May 4th, 2016
Time: 3pm EST/12pm PST, 60 minutes