2 NEW Automated Marketing Campaigns!
Capitalize on Office 365® & Ransomware market activity


Capitalize on Ransomware & Office 365 Market Activity with our 2 BRAND NEW Automated Marketing Campaigns!


Date: Thursday, August 3rd
Time: 1pm ET/10am PT
Duration: 60 minutes


You know by now that in order to grow your revenue you need to be selling more services to more customers. And to do that you need to be able to tell relevant and articulate stories to reveal potential risks or liabilities and demonstrate how your services proactively protect your customers from them.

We’re excited to announce that we will be launching 2 new automated marketing campaigns to do just that. These campaigns will help you capitalize on the massive volume of market activity surrounding Ransomware and Office 365.

Join our new CMO Jim Kruger on Thursday, August 3rd at 1pm ET/10am PT as he and the team show you an up-close sneak peek demo of your new campaign landing pages, emails and social posts. We’ll show you how:

  • The Ransomware campaign demonstrates the colossal need for SecuriSync as a backup solution in the growing world of cyber threats.
  • The Office 365 campaign helps you drive demand for 5 separate services: Office 365, archiving, encryption, business continuity and outlook backup.
  • To win $2,500 in Marketing Development Funds (MDF) by launching these new campaigns!


for the webinar on August 3rd at 1pm ET


Presenters: Jim Kruger, Chief Marketing Officer
Laura Sankey, Sr. Director of Product Marketing
Paula Goldrich, Product Marketing Manager

Office 365 is either a registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

You will have a chance to win $2,500*!

*From 12:01 a.m. Eastern time on August 1, 2017 through 11:59 p.m. Eastern time on October 31, 2017 (the “Contest Period”), the Intermedia Private Label or Advisor partner who generates the most amount of leads will receive a grand prize of $2,500 in Marketing Development Funds (“MDF”) for the purpose of promoting Intermedia’s products and services (“Contest”). This Contest is only applicable for Partners located in the continental United States. Partners must (a) register for a free account on the automated marketing platform (through this link)(“Platform”), and (b) generate leads through one of the following new campaigns: (i) Office 365 personas campaign or (ii) Ransomware campaign during the Contest Period. All other leads generated from other campaigns will not be counted toward this Contest. Must generate a minimum of 40 leads to qualify. Results will be tracked through the Platform and the winner will be promptly notified after the Contest has ended. Intermedia shall contact the winner to discuss distribution of $2,500 in MDF. Winning partner will submit a business plan to Intermedia on how MDF will be used and benchmark the desired outcome which will drive substantial ROI. In the event of a tie, Intermedia shall select a winner based on a random drawing between the Partners who have generated the highest number of leads. To be eligible, Partners must be in good standing with Intermedia and must not be in violation of any relevant agreements or policies or be past due on any obligations. Intermedia reserves the right to terminate, or amend the terms of, this promotion at any time. Intermedia shall interpret the terms of this promotion and resolve any dispute in accordance therewith, in each case in Intermedia’s sole discretion.